Friday, January 18, 2013

Who's In Control?

Heard this on Episode 52 of the Anarchast podcast.
Beware of the military-industrial-financial complex.
- James Turk, reformulating Eisenhower's warning during Eisenhower's farewell address
James Turk is the founder of and author of The Collapse of the Dollar.

But is it really true that we are slaves to the money manipulators? This video gave me new food for thought on the subject, and especially gave the USA dollar's divorce from the gold standard in the early 1970s a little extra flavor:

Well, did Nixon really set the stage for our perpetual involvement in (and creation of ) Middle East conflicts by permanently suspending the gold standard, refusing calls by foreign governments to return their gold, getting OPEC nations to accept dollars (petrodollars) only for payments on oil, and guaranteeing Saudi oil-field security?

Was Iraq invaded for dropping the petrodollar? Was the Syrian insurgency started because Syria dropped the petrodollar? Was the Libyan insurgency started because Gaddafi was starting the gold dinar currency, and was dropping the petrodollar? Egypt? Iran is working an alternative currency, and all of a sudden Iran is enemy number one? Not to say that the tyrants don't deserve to be toppled, but why are they toppling now?

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