Thursday, January 31, 2013

eBay Bans Modern Rifle Component Sales

Big corporations are inventing new anti-gun policies - or are discovering old anti-gun policies - to enFORCE in the wake of the official federal assault on modern rifles and magazines. eBay has followed suit.

eBay's Firearms, weapons, and knives policy. See the assault weapons section.

Big corps are running scared. It is time for some real entrepreneurs to step up their marketing efforts and takeover the business generated by eBay customers that want to sell their property. Here are a few that should benefit from eBay's cowardice.

Thanks to The Truth About Guns for the heads up on this one. I am expanding my blacklist of anti-gun companies.

So, to put a fine point on it. Screw eBay.

Growing Pro-Gun Blacklist Bumper Stickers and Buttons @

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