Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Blacklist of Anti-Gun Companies and Organizations

Why?: Has banned the sale of "assault weapon" parts, bayonets that fit modern-military-style rifles, and 11+ magazines.
When?: Approximately 1/31/13, but not confirmed.
Proof?: Firearms, weapons, and knives policy on eBay's website (see assault weapon).
Extent of Treachery?: eBay still allows the sale of gun components, BUT it is acting like the Feinstein Modern Rifle & Standard-Capacity Magazine Ban for False-Security Bill has already passed. And they don't allow gun sales, anyway.
Rating?: Blacklisted.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns
Why?: Has threatened to punish firearms-industry companies with procurement restrictions, if gun companies oppose more gun control.
When?: Approximately 2/1/13.
Proof?: Minneapolis mayor's statements to Minneapolis City Council's Public Safety and Civil Rights Committee.
Rating?: Blacklisted. Brown listed? Handgun listed?

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