Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tyranny or Liberty: Representative Democracy's Failed Promise

Queen and Prince Charles given at least 39 chances to veto government policies before becoming new law
"Secret papers released by Downing Street show the most senior royals have had numerous chances to torpedo bills that could change their powers, including one relating to the Iraq war."
- The Daily Mail
1st thought: That's outrageous! 2nd thought: Well, Obama just makes up any old law he wants (legislature and executive in one - tyrant). 3rd thought: I guess that justifies their public-funds stipend, and all that land. 

I hear anarcho-capitalists say all the time that democracy is an illusion, and it sounds trite, but all the evidence is before us. Constitutions and representative democracy were suppose to be a break on the tyranny of the masses and absolute democracy, but instead we have allowed our representatives to become leaders (TINFOIL HAT WARNING: Obama seems ready to form a system of gauleiters). Our sheepdogs, our custodians of our natural rights, have become wolves. But that should not be surprising. In the USA, there are very early examples of even the founding fathers turning on the people (Whiskey Rebellion).

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