Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ruger P95 Modifications IV: Accessory?

"Bell" Grip Sleeve

Finally, some progress in the real world. Here's how I made a grip sleeve out of a bicycle inner tube.

Step 1: I picked up a "standard" inner tube from WalMart. I got the largest one, because you can make more grip sleeves. It costs the same price as the small ones, and they are all the same diameter.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hi-Point Challenge: Week 3

So he's up to 600 rounds. How many rounds does it take to break in a gun? I’ve heard 500 rounds tossed around a lot, with the usual advice: “You can’t depend on a gun until …” A gun-store salesperson told me that Kahr recommends 750 for theirs, but their website says 200. So it all depends on the type of gun, the individual gun, personal expectations, the stars, and some other stuff …

He could also be experiencing a little operator error, too little lubrication, or too much lubrication. That striker, the slide, and his feed ramp might need a little home gunsmithery. He may need a more energetic round – or the gun is just plain ammo sensitive.

Hi-Pont Challenge: Week 3  on Gun Nuts Media.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Swiss Army Trumps Leatherman

When my "water shoe" failed, I assumed that I could turn to my Leatherman Skeletool for a quick fix, since the solution would be a pseudo-leather stitch job.

But in the end, the ultimate multitool came through - the Victorinox Swiss Army Champion.

The leather awl required a little assistance from the Champion's micro screwdriver, but it's still ironic that the Champion was the adequate tool for a leather-like job.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hi Point Challenge: Week 2

Comments get snarky, but maybe justifiably so. Appears that Tim and friends were limpwristing.

Hi Point Challenge: Week 2

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tools for (Car) Camping

What I had in my pockets, and a couple other items.
When I go camping, I tend to fill up my pockets with extra tools:

   Kershaw Half Ton that I always carry.
   Two sets of car and gun keys, one set I always carry and one extra for my wife.
   Two cans of pepper spray, one I always carry and one extra for my wife.
   Leatherman Skeletool. The pliers came in handy.
   Mini Maglite.
   A hammer for dealing with tent stakes.
   And the case holds my Ruger P95, and I brought plenty of ammo. My wife insisted that I bring it along. During our last trip to the campground, our neighboring camper had some emotional issues. And something similar had happened a couple trips before that.
   The P95 remained in its case the entire trip. But I'm glad I had it along. Why take a chance? And here is a  reminder of why you should be prepared to defend thyself: "September is National Preparedness Month: Guns to pack with your emergency kits," an article on

   Ironically while I was preparing this post, I ran across a short post about pocket survival kits on The Suburban Bushwacker blog. The above thrown-together car-camping survival mess in no way compares to a survival kit, but I had what I needed to get by if 20 feet from my car or tent.

My Political Philosophy 1.0

A sovereign individualist. Former minarchist, former conservative, former liberal, former military-industrial-complex proponent. But in every way, concerned with the pragmatic needs of the individual to survive and thrive in spite of the state.

Friday, September 7, 2012

WalMart Profiling Gun Buyers in the Name of the (Federal) Law

Steve at The Firearm Blog commented on a case of profiling and discrimination in his post "Extreme Sexism at Walmart: Woman Can't Buy Big Guns."  Though I'm not as torqued off by the sexism of the incident, I do think it is sexist how the employee treated the woman. And probably ignorant.

But the employee was apparently doing his job by profiling the customer and possibly preventing a straw purchase. And in most cases, he probably prevented a victimless crime, because no matter what the government says, it is not a real crime to possess a firearm.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hi Point Challenge: Week 1

Hi Point Being Tested on Gun Nuts Media?
There is something appealing about a tackle-box gun, though in my case it would probably be a toolbox gun, at least until I take up fishing. The Hi Point is something I wouldn't mind beating the crap out of, and that makes it attractive.

Hi Point Challenge: Week 1

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