Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today's Tinfoil Hatter is Tomorrow's Well-Informed Citizen

To paraphrase Ron Paul on InfoWars with Alex Jones: What was thought to be crackpot prophecy a decade ago has come to pass in reference to what our government is doing with monetary policy and our person freedoms.

So when there is semi-concern for being a tinfoil hatter on blogs like The Smallest Minority, I am bothered and comforted at the same time. It is easy to see a massive government conspiracy, and it is easy to see plain-old business as usual. The truth is most likely somewhere in between. So be scared, be critical, and keep thinking.

Side Note:
I am still on the fence about DHS and other agencies purchasing so much ammo. Maybe they will shoot it all up practicing. But on the flip side, the Department of Education has no need for SWAT teams. Also, most other agencies have no legitimate reason for LEOs. We have too many agencies running around enforcing statutes (unlaws) for victimless crimes. And if the agencies stop practicing for long enough, then they will have a shitload of ammo.

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