Friday, December 11, 2015

Government A "Tragic Irony"

I wish it was simply amateur hour at the Administration, but the utopian vision in the White House is so deluded that they can't recognize that civilians will choose to protect themselves, when the state fails and avoids to protect the people, while simultaneously violating the people's right to do the same.

Progressive statism is a bankrupt ideology - always was. Glad to see the masses recognize it as such.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Centralism Is Sexy, BUT ...

Centralism is sexy. It explains how people the world over could be drawn in by the damaged goods called Hitler. He was even popular in the USA for a while.

Rabid individualism can be sexy too. The mountain man. The ronin. The Marlboro man. The Equalizer.

Both sides are unrealistic and destructive, especially when they discount the contributions of the opposite extreme.

Where does that leave us?

No man is an island. But that doesn't mean the state is the arbiter of the vast gray area between collective and individual existence. The state is - unnatural.

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