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The Bandoleered Bookworm blog is the creation of CR Cobb.

CR, contrary to many rabid gun enthusiasts, did not receive his first rifle under the Christmas tree from Santa Clause when he was eight years old. Instead, CR received his subscription to the legendary gun rag, Guns & Ammo, when he was 12 years old.

Therefore, CR has always been more of a thinker than a shooter, when it comes to guns. He gets distracted by American Handgunners gun porn. And he is thoroughly distracted by the private-arms gun debate that has been ongoing for decades, but is now at the forefront of political discourse. CR welcomes the debate, because it gives impetuous for gun-owners to exercise our rights and oppose current and proposed illegal statutes that do and would violate those rights.

Also, CR is distracted by the conflict between libertarians (constitutionalists, freenecks, voluntarists, sovereign individualists, etc) and statists (run-of-the-mill Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers, moderates, and moderate Libertarian).

CR welcomes any comments, suggestions, and criticisms. A free-market of ideas is more important than defending this bully pulpit.

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