Friday, April 20, 2012

Congress Toying with Freedom of the Press

People’s Rights Amendment, et al

On, Terence P. Jeffrey writes in his article, "Pelosi: Amend the First Amendment," about Congress's latest Constitutional manipulations.

This is insane. Congress is considering amending the First Amendment to counter corporations' ability to use "personhood" to protect their political speech from government regulation as “individuals.”

And an amendment of the First Amendment can go beyond reigning in corporate “rights.” Because newspapers, broadcasters, book publishers, online news sources, and publishers are often organized as corporations, an amendment could also restrict their abilities to distribute political ideas or advocate for political causes.

Unfortunately (for the Federal state), political speech is not just protected as an “individual” right. There's something called "freedom of the press."

All of this sounds like a carrot and a stick. The government gave corporations “personhood,” and now (125 years later) it wants its due – more control.  If Congress wants to stick it to corporations, then Congress should go after the 14th Amendment – and stop dabbling in free speech manipulation.

And it sounds like its time for corporations to unincorporated. The state giveth and taketh back more.

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