Thursday, April 24, 2014

Harry Reid And Misuse Of Language

Harry Potter Reid is a schmuck, as far as I can tell.

Harry Reid threw out this gem:
“Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists,” Mr. Reid in remarks at a luncheon, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which sponsored the event. “… I repeat: What went on up there was domestic terrorism.” - Washington Times, 4/18/14
Bundy supporters might be "insurgents," but they are not "terrorists."
Terrorism (n.) -  the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. -
The BLM's behavior appears to be a better fit for that definition.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Taurus (Airsoft) PT92 by KWC Review: Unboxing

(Mock) Unboxclamshelling
I bought this airsoft pistol some time last year, so this is a mock first look at the airsoft springer Taurus PT92 manufactured by KWC.

I was looking for an analog for my Ruger P95, but the only thing available were airsoft replicas of the Ruger P89, and they were of much lower quality. Also, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on my first airsoft pistol, so I went for a spring-powered pistol with a metal slide.

Taurus PT92 airsoft handgun manufactured by KWC for Softair (Cyberguns)
Overall length: 8-5/8"
Overall height: 5-5/8"
Overall width: 1-1/2"
Weight w/magazine: 18 oz
Caliber: 6mm
Velocity: 328 fps
muzzle energy: .44 ft-lbs
Capacity: 12
Sights: fixed
Action: Single, slide cocking, spring powered

The hammer cocks but has no function in firing the gun. The trigger is about 3 lbs, has progressive tension, and is gritting, so it is not a perfect analog for any real gun that I have fired.

Other issues for using this as an analog for a real gun: The frame-mounted, ambidextrous safety is a dummy. Next to the trigger guard is the actual safety. The gun is light compared to a real full-size pistol, but not distractingly so. And of course, the recoil is "non existent," but it does shake when fired.

 To Be Continued, NEXT: Range Review

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Self Defense Against Snipers?

Ukraine made it present. Nevada "Range War" brought it home.

It's an oft stated maxim that you don't need to shoot in self defense past 15 yards - or 100 on a rural piece of property in special circumstances - or somewhere in between, in special circumstances. But if your assailant could be a sniper, then maybe it's time to practice with your scoped hunting rifle in .30-'06, or think about an AR-10-style rifle; bolt-action .50 would be better.
"Strange days indeed - strange days indeed." - John Lennon
BLM Snipers. Credit:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Federal Reserve: Crony Capitalism Writ Large

The Federal Reserve is the biggest, most well orchestra, most well planned example of crony capitalism in the history of the United States - and probably the world. Its continued existence will be the coup de grace for the remnants of the free market under a national currency in the United States.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Boot Review: Diehard - or Easy?

My second pair of boots for my under-employment employment: DieHard tactical-look boots.
This is my second pair in less than a year. The first pair - black Rothco classic jungle boots - split across both soles. I attempted to repair them with super glue and Gorilla glue to no avail. So I gave up and trekked down to Sears to get a higher-quality pair - in black, per company policy.

The boots I settled on were the DieHard Men's 8 inch Duty Lace-To-Toe Work Boot. They were on sale for $40 - half off. So I got a complete set of boots for the same price of the jungle boots, after I bought insoles for the jungle boots.

The DieHards have zippers, which I wanted to avoid, because I occasionally have to clean a room with a high-pressure hose. But I grew to appreciate the zipper. It makes the boots relatively easy to get on and off, helping me avoid unlacing the top several holes. And the boots never leaked through the zippers, though I never submersed the boots that deep.

The soles have much better cushion than the jungle boots, so my feet felt less fatigued throughout the day. And the uppers provide better ankle support than the jungle boots, which just flop over if you attempt to stand them up.

But then after several months, things started to go south. The soles started to split. I attempted using super glue, before the splitting progressed too far, but the glue wouldn't hold. I tried Gorilla glue with a negative result. Then I started to research what people use to repair split soles online. I stumbled across barge cement. It's used for boat repairs. But originally, it was used as a shoe-manufacturing adhesive.

So I tried the barge cement - a couple times. The adhesive, at least some of it, would hold for a couple days, then fail. Also, though the packaging says it takes overnight to dry, it took at least 48 hours, which concurred with what I read online about doing shoe repairs. Side note: on another pair of shoes, I have had better luck reattaching soles to the bottom of shoes, as opposed to repairing split soles.

So in the end, I am left with two pairs of split soles after using them at a job for less than a year. In all fairness, I do kneel and "fold" my feet quite often, so that is an obvious contributor to the downfall of the Rothcos and DieHards, but I still would have expected more wear from both of them.

DieHard or DieEasy?
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