Thursday, July 31, 2014

When The Law Breaks The Law

credit: Universal Network News
When policemen break the law, then there isn't any law at all - just a fight for survival.
- Billy Jack, (played by Tom Laughlin) in "Billy Jack"
I saw that quote rephrased today: "When the law breaks the law then there is no law."

There is wisdom in this idea, but it is simplified. It accepts, at least superficially, that laws are good, and that they apply to everyone, including cops. Now I do believe that cops need to have their rights treated the same as other citizens and not be treated as supercitizens, but many of the laws they force are victimless, rights violating, self serving, evil, or collectivist.

But in its simplicity, the requirement that police, politicians, and bureaucrats be held to the same legal standards as other citizens are is gaining popular support. Even if we accept the manufactured (unnatural) laws as they are, then the least we can do is expect those self-styled supercitizens fall under the same blind gaze that the rest if us "enjoy."

Happy friggen day when you see something like this, but it was long time in coming - according to the indictment. If they are innocent, then I hope they get their friggen day in court, but I bet they're guilty of at least a little corruption. Cops get a free ride, when it comes to petty and felonious abuses of fellow citizens' rights, so it either takes a camera, a gaggle of witnesses, or racketeering to snag cops for violating the run-of-the-mill (victimful, natural) laws.

credit: NY Daily News

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