Friday, January 4, 2013

EDUCATE YOURSELF! That's an Order.

All orders from this pitiful little blog are optional, as should be all orders in our armed forces (flame attraction device).

But I digressed before I started:

One thing, and one thing above all else, that all freedom apologists must do is this:


It doesn't take much, and if you don't like to read, then there are podcasts, audiobooks, and tons of YouTube videos. One excellent selection is this speech by Judge Napolitano (retired, I assume):

Now I suspect his past deeds, but he does say in the video that he had sworn to uphold the law. That's his get out of jail card. My get out of jail card for voting for Bush I, Perot, Gore, Bush II, etc., is labeled "Was Uneducated."

Even if you don't believe everything the writers promote, the von Mises Institute is an excellent FREE resource of videos, audiobooks, and electronic books. If you are not technically savvy enough to immediately benefit from their offerings, then educate yourself in computer technology - or blackmail an associate of yours to get the goods.

If you live outside the U.S., then don't despair. Natural law, freedom, liberty, and the market of ideas are universal and available to you no matter where you are or where you're educated (Well, that's also true for us who were brainwashed in USA government schools. Hint: I though Lincoln was a good guy, too!). A special note to those in China: I promise not to mention "aliens" in most of my future posts. I read that your government is scrubbing that dangerous word from your Internet access. (I'll try to do a China version of this post soon!).

So Long Story Short: To defend freedom in our current social environment, you need to educate yourself. (Hint: That's almost impossible to do in any public or private grade or post-secondary school).

So, here are some quick resources to start:

Tom Woods's Liberty Classroom. Under "Free Stuff" there is a hyperlink called "Learn Austrian Economics." As far as I can tell, the resources are all free. for great podcasts. You'll probably be taken back by the anti-government stance, but the more you listen the more it makes sense. for great conversations with anarchists.

Ludwig von Mises Institute. For all the great, free books, videos, and articles. Great counter point to all the liberal media - and the neo-conservativish (like FoxNews) media. Search "anarcho capitalism." You're sure to find some unreliable wacky stuff, but most of it is honest-to-god free market gold.

Security is the key to minarchist libertarian thought, and the straw that will break the back of the government's last, great monopoly (false monopoly). An (unendorsed) illustrated excerpt from David Freedman's lecture "Exploring Liberty: The Machinery of Freedom" is a must see about free-market security.

I'll try to update with more resources soon, but I might become distracted.

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