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What agencies have adopted the P95?

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What agencies have adopted the P95?: There was a lot of excitement in 2004, when Ruger P95 fanatics read that the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command had purchased 5000 KP95Ds (decocker only). The Ruger that was built like a tank would be carried by tank drivers.

Glock G19 later supplanted the P95
But there was something wrong with that story. It was not too long after the USA had defeated Sadam Hussein, and the USA had decided to arm the new Iraqi Police Service with civilized handguns. The move was so quick that the USA needed to procure guns from several different manufacturers to fill the need. So it ended up that one of the biggest issuers of the P95 was not some patriotic law enforcement org, but our vanquished enemy that we were helping to haphazardly renation build.

So were there any other agencies that adopted the pistol? The Federal Bureau of Prisons bought 1750 DAO P95s, per a Ruger press release in March 2008, under a five-year contract (note: the Google date of Tactical Life's copy of the press release is incorrect.).

But you hear about cops carrying the P95? Well, a lot of police departments require the officers to supply their own weapons, and the officers have to complete training at a POST academy before they can apply for a job, and a lot of police academies require the cadets to bring a gun, and the Ruger P95 is a quality, inexpensive service-size and service-capacity gun for a job seeker on a budget.
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