Friday, March 23, 2012

Zombies Have Jumped The Shark

Michael Bane pretty much said that a while ago on his podcast. And what a torture it was when the Fonz did jump the shark, but I had my doubts earlier when I discovered that the Fonz's real name was Henry Winkler. But I digress. 

I like the zombie stuff.
Hornady Zombie Max

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Small (Shoot-A-Lot) Pocket-Pistol Shopping

Research, On-line and Off-line Handgun Shopping
I did a lot of research selecting a small handgun that I can carry all the time. Trying to reconstruct my thought process and my trip to two stores is like trying to remember what happened the day of and during a bad car wreck. So here goes:
Duel Purpose
I feel like Alton Brown - always having to have my guns and other tools be "multitaskers." My P95 had to be a house gun and a CCW. My pocket knife had to be utilitarian and tactical. And now my small handgun has to be a pocket pistol and my range-time tool. But I don't think that I am much different than a lot of other gun owners.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chinese Forces Still Using Crossbows

Just went back to catch an episode of "Top Shot" that I missed. Episode 4 of the current Season 4, "Crossbow Crossfire," had the following blurb splashed on the screen:
Today Chinese armed forces still use crossbows at all levels from traffic police to special forces.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Point Shooting

I was listening to Episode 165, "Point Shooting Part 2" of the Handgun World Show podcast.

Bob Mayne was interviewing Roger Phillips of Suarez International. I had listened to the first part and had practically forgotten about it, until I heard Part 2. It really caught my interest and reminded me of my past attempts at point shooting. I had read an article in Guns & Ammo Handguns Annual several years ago about point shooting, and what it takes to become proficient at it. I was sidelined by some other shooting concerns, so I went back to focusing on sights.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ruger P95 Modifications II: Research

Slowing Down for a 1000-Round Grip Reduction and Enhancement

I am finally ready to take a serious look at modifying my Ruger KP95R15.

To repeat myself again, I was having problems shooting my P95. When I first went to the range I had failures to feed (FTF), failures to eject (FTE), stovepipes, and double feeds. Also, my shots per magazine were starting with center hits on target and drifting to the lower left with the final round. I have small hands, the P95 is a little slick, and the gun was slipping and torquing down to the left. So my primary problem was a grip issue. Also, I wanted better sights. An easy solution would have been to trade the P95 for something that fit my hand better, like an SR9 (which fits my hand really well), a 1911, a Sig P239, or variety of other guns. But I wasn't going to give in that easily. So ...

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