Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ruger P95 Modifications III: Research

I've settled on three things that I want to improve on my Ruger P95: (1) make it less slippery, (2) fix an edge that cuts into my trigger finger, and (3) change the three dot sights to something that won't cause a stroke. Meanwhile, I'll still be working on a 1000-round grip reduction and enhancement job.

The professionals gunsmiths do amazing things with pistols. And that includes the work they do on polymer pistols. For polymer guns, Robar appears to work primarily on Glocks and XDs, but they appear to offer the same range of services for other brands. provides similar services, but also highlights M&Ps. But Now I doubt have confirmed that you cannot get a full range of modifications on a P95 that they do to Glocks, because of the mechanics inside the P95 grip and mag well. I contacted both Grip Reductions and Robar. Grip Reductions told me that the main spring in the back of the magwell prevents them from doing a grip reduction. Robar told me basically the same thing. But they can do some trimming and stippling.

Also, my Ruger P95 was $360 out the door, so I'm not enthusiastic about sinking a ton of money into it. I know that you can get a Glock for $100 more than a P95, and that some Glock owners are having professional grip reductions, stippling, and other professional modifications done to their pistols. But I like owning guns that cost under $500, and I want to keep them that way.

So I've looked at what gun owners are doing to their own pistols. Users - "hobbyists," do-it-yerselfrs - have done some cool things modifying polymer-frame pistols.

Slippery Grip
But like I said before, I don't want to go hacking on the frame until I've explored some other options. A Hogue Handall looks promising, but it looks a little thick. In an effort to make the gun less slippery, I don't want to make my trigger reach even longer. Also, I'm not thrilled about the finger grooves that are part of that grip sleeve. But of course, there is another solution, if you are willing to do a little extra work.

This solution has been maligned and praised on various forums, but making a bicycle inner tube into a grip sleeve has a few advantages over stippling, grip tap, and pre-made grip sleeves.

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