Friday, April 6, 2012

Top Shot's Little Sister, Top Guns

Top Guns' (and Top Shot's) Inaccuracies

I really like the series Top Shot, which airs on History 2, and is also available on Hulu. But I've noticed inaccuracies in definitions of firearm terms, repeatedly. It's understandable, since it's a TV show, running on a production schedule. I'm not under any production schedule, and I make numerous factual errors, which I probably catch and correct before anyone reads a post. But then I was watching Top Guns: Pistol Power, a spin off of Top Shot.

Colby Donaldson was describing one of Smith & Wessons new SW1911 models in 9mm. He implied that S&W was the first to introduce the 1911 in 9mm. He did say repeatedly that S&W had perfected the 1911 to reliably feed 9mm in a 1911.

But Colt was the original developer of the 1911 9mm. I'm not sure when I read it, but I'm pretty sure that Colt was working on a 9mm 1911 around the time that NATO adopted 9mm as their standard pistol round. I can't remember if that was in the 1950s.

Smith & Wesson might have perfected reliable feeding of the 9mm in the 1911 platform, but that's gotta be debatable. Several manufacturers have been making 9mm 1911s for ... well, let's say decades. They haven't been outrageously popular. But I think their manufacturers might beg to differ the reliability issue.

Like I said: I really like Top Shot, and Top Guns is OK, but I really wish they would work on their historical and terminology accuracy.

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