Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tools for (Car) Camping

What I had in my pockets, and a couple other items.
When I go camping, I tend to fill up my pockets with extra tools:

   Kershaw Half Ton that I always carry.
   Two sets of car and gun keys, one set I always carry and one extra for my wife.
   Two cans of pepper spray, one I always carry and one extra for my wife.
   Leatherman Skeletool. The pliers came in handy.
   Mini Maglite.
   A hammer for dealing with tent stakes.
   And the case holds my Ruger P95, and I brought plenty of ammo. My wife insisted that I bring it along. During our last trip to the campground, our neighboring camper had some emotional issues. And something similar had happened a couple trips before that.
   The P95 remained in its case the entire trip. But I'm glad I had it along. Why take a chance? And here is a  reminder of why you should be prepared to defend thyself: "September is National Preparedness Month: Guns to pack with your emergency kits," an article on

   Ironically while I was preparing this post, I ran across a short post about pocket survival kits on The Suburban Bushwacker blog. The above thrown-together car-camping survival mess in no way compares to a survival kit, but I had what I needed to get by if 20 feet from my car or tent.

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