Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Political Affiliation (Bend) Polls: Biased Toward Mediocrity

I'm not crazy about most political polls, because they are biased toward the status quo. To ask someone if they are conservative or liberal lends itself toward the same right/left, Republican/Democrat paradigm.

A recent Gallup poll seems to follow the same pattern. It asked respondents to choose between "Republican," "Democrat," and "Independent" as responses.

I think it's great that "Independents" have reached 45%, but of course there is a glaring problem. "Independents" lumps together moderates that oscillate between the two dominate U.S. parties, "Libertarian Party" members, members of all non-bipolar parties, and the other non affiliated, such as hardcore communists and anarchists. So, on this homepage that gives a few more options.

UPDATE 1/8/14 
An additional poll option, including a choice for "single-issue voter/proponent."

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