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Who Controls Government the State?

The state that regulates itself most is best. To reformulate:
The best government is that which governs least.
Motto by John L. O'Sullivan for The United States Magazine and Democratic Review
Sounds good, but can we trust the state to police itself? We expect society to do that, if there isn't a state. But the state has "legal" power over us. Maybe: The state that is regulated most is best.

But who regulates the state? The people, which is historically defined as citizens, which are not defined by birth regulation or "naturalization," and are individuals.

How do citizens individuals regulate the state? Invoking natural rights? Withdrawal of consent? Petition? Through representatives? All of the above? Hell if I know, but probably, and I am trying to find out - like many others.

The best example of those powers is not the U.S. Constitution, but seems to be the Declaration of Independence. Of course, one must excuse its specific grievances with King George and the parliament of the United Kingdom. But those grievances are illustrative. The U.S. Constitution has the provision for separation of powers into executive, legislative, and judicial branches. And the Constitution defines federal powers and reserves powers for the States and individuals. But when those powers and limits to powers are illegally expanded and violated, through "legal" means, then the natural rights of individuals to control the state supplant the powers defined for the state. In other words, individuals have the right to move beyond petition, lawsuit, and contacting representatives. Individuals have the power to withdrawal consent, invoke natural rights, and remove the state. The state that is regulated most is best. The best state is that which is governed most.

So, it is our right to govern our state.

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