Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Ultimate Viral Video: "The Viral Song"

Now for something completely useless:

Viral videos are addictive. It is easy to view them as a monumental waste of time, but during one of my recent layoffs (Yes, I have had more than one in the last five years, and you could call them firings lite.), I read that a budget for the recently unemployed should include "entertainment." So the viral-video craze might not be totally useless. It gives us a sense of belonging on a global scale, like global warming, yadiyadiya.

But I digress. The best viral video of all time ... Is ... "The Viral Song." It lays the genre bare. It provides a blueprint for future generations. It is inane. It lacks the need for further analysis. Brilliant.

It beats out the current rival, "What Does The Fox Say," hands down.

But you be the judge. This is important for your mental health, er, something!

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