Monday, March 10, 2014

What You Might Want To Know Before Buying Your (First) Gun, Part 2

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More food for thought over at Misfires and Light Strikes blog. Exurban Kevin listed 10 things I wish someone had told me about guns.  And I pretty much agree with more of his points, but with caveats.
4. Spending $100 in ammo on a rental range saves you a lot more money in buyer’s remorse.
I think trying some guns make sense, but firing the guns, like I suggested in my previous post, isn't the whole story. Practicing goes a long way toward making the gun fit you, and you fit the gun, and you can't do that at a gun range - or most gun ranges.
5. Unless you’re a collector, never buy Generation 1 of any gun.
Someone's gotta try the beta version, and sometimes you want to try the latest/greatest. I would trade my P95 for an SR9 that was recalled, because it fits my hand so much better. A cheap used gun could have filled the gap.

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