Thursday, March 19, 2015


Here is a little of what others are saying about THE ALTERNATIVE™ less-lethal weapon:

"San Diego-based Alternative Ballistics has introduced one of the most terrifying “less lethal” alternatives I’ve ever seen, called 'The alternative.'"
- "The Worst 'Less Lethal' Force Idea Ever?" by Bob Owens at
 "On the ground, Ferguson protesters were subject to the use of tear gas, armored vehicles, rubber bullets packaged in cluster grenades, flash bangs, smoke bombs, sound cannons known as Long Range Acoustic Devices, bean bag guns, pepper spray, wooden batons, the presence of German shepherds, the issuance of a no-fly zone over the area, and darkness aided by night vision goggles, not to mention other violent threats made with firearms. All are billed as less lethal than outright firing bullets, yet they were no less daunting for a community seeking justice for Brown."
- "Ferguson police training with ‘less lethal’ alternative bullets" at

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