Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Little (Gun) Color

Today, I went and checked out the brand-new gun range that I watched being built a few miles from my home. I wanted to see if it was an appropriate place to take my nine-year-old-son, and if they had a handgun that my wife might be interested in.

They had the obligatory wall of rental guns, so I looked to see what my son could shoot and my wife might like to try. Standing there, I actually found it difficult to distinguish among those autoloaders, because - save one - they were all totally matte black. Now poor lighting might have contributed to my difficulty, but the situation got my wheels a turnin', especially since color choice is a major part of what my wife wants.

I've always liked guns with a little character, but I like original finishes and modern guns, so I generally end up with the oh so exciting black polymer frame and stainless steel slide - or something damn well similar to that.

So what colors do I want to see? 1911 nickel with pearl grips.
credit: ArmsBid.com

Wood furniture on something
(Even on a fancy AR).
Case hardening.
Damascus steel.
Those are all out there, but not popular - or cheap.

And my wife wants to see a little feminine color from an Italian manufacture (Talk about narrowing down the choices.).
credits: TinCanBandit.blogspot.com, EAACorp.com, EAACorp.com, GunsAndAmmo.com

Maybe Cerakote is in my future. Maybe home blueing.

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