Friday, March 13, 2015

I Really Want To Love This Gun

I really like the idea of having a standard cartridge to use in all my guns. Revolvers, carbines, autoloaders. But alas, all my guns use different cartridges. But maybe, Heizer Defense has come to my rescue.
They have promised to release their pocket rifle-caliber single shot in 7.62x39 at the next NRA show. Since my carbine is in that caliber, I would be one step closer to standardizing my firearms. And with the ability to switch barrels, I could still use the gobs of battlefield pickups, during the coming zombieesque apocalypse.

I do have a few concerns. The grip profile makes me think that shooting it would be equivalent to chopping wood with a full-tang axe without a handle. But then again, there are so many experts out there that state that you don't notice the recoil during a violent encounter. I guess that's why so many cops are practical sharpshooters with .40 S&W on the street.

 Also, I really think that they could have made the extra effort and produced a double-barrel version. Maybe Heizer Defense is avoiding a litigious conflict with Double Tap Defense.

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