Monday, March 23, 2015

M855: Sporting Purpose and A Natural Right

Unfortunately for many gun-control fanatics, the right to bear arms is an inherent, natural right that was not giving to us by a government and is not limited to sport, but includes sport under an umbrella of rights more fundamental that our government is limited from violating: the right to property, the right to self defense, the right to self preservation, the right to self determination.

Unfortunately for many gun enthusiasts, the federal government has taken it upon itself to attempt to violate the right to arms by subjecting it to "sporting use" criteria and pro "police safety" rules. Arms and other weapons are not legally ours just for sport. And LEOs' safety is not more important that ours.

The fight over our natural right to arms  is more fundamental than administrative regulations and a constitutional amendment. It is wrapped up in our rights to property, self determination, self preservation, self defense and of course additional rights like speech, religion, and justice.

M855 is the latest canary in Obama's coal mine of rights-violating ideas. Though M855 is not the best AR round nor used by everyone, it is our natural right to obtain, possess, and use it.

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