Monday, May 19, 2014

Wondernine 2.0

"Wondernine 2.0" on fledgling sister blog The .35 Caliber Solution.

I read gobs of articles about the miraculous 9mm round in the early '90s, albeit the majority were in a  Handguns or Guns & Ammo 9mm one-off magazine, so the validity of the arguments were tainted by a need for conformity and esprit de cartouche. For a short time, everyone was on board with theadvantages of the parabellum. The U.S. military had adopted the Beretta to conform to NATO standards and to replace the old warhorse that "technically" had not been manufacturer for the military since 1945 (but had "technically" been "remanufactured" for decades). U.S. police departments had finally "caught up" with "some" European police departments by switching to autoloaders predominately in 9mm. Concurrently Glock burst on the scene with marketing schemes that included strippers and generous trade in programs (that made Glock the biggest gun wholesaler of firearms for a while).

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