Thursday, May 15, 2014

Plausible JFK Theory? Part 2

My Frame of Reference for "JFK: The Smoking Gun"

I do not have a unique frame of reference for analyzing or forming an opinion about the Kennedy Assassination, especially for my age.

I'm sure I heard something about it, while still in high school. Well, maybe. The 20th anniversary of Kennedy's death would have been the year before I started high school. But I digress.

I distinctly remember sitting through Oliver Stone's "JFK" with friends in college. It must have been during the first few days of my final semester of my senior year. I'm sure I had plenty of time for entertainment, because I was only taking two classes and doing a pretty poor job at my second internship.

I found the Oliver Stone's version of the events to be quite compelling. Though I was quite irritated with the use of a composite character by the name of "X" played by Donald Sutherland. That story-telling tool negated from the believability of a grand government conspiracy in my mind. BUT the behavior portrayed by Joe Pesci playing Jack Ruby made the possibility of a group of conspirators, though bungling - as opposed to a lone Lee Harvey Oswald - appear undeniable.

After watching (or maybe before) Oliver Stone's "JFK," I bought the Groden and Livingstone's High Treason. I thumbed through the photos, started to read it, and then put it down. Maybe I just didn't want the drama or consistency of Oliver Stone's treatment to be sullied. Maybe I wasn't that interested.

Then sometime in the next few years, I picked up a copy of Don DeLillo's Libra. I only made a few pages into that novel, and then I was done with the JFK Assassination for a few years - or a couple decades.

My general concern with our over-reaching federal government - illustrated by the Fast and Furious and Benghazi scandals and the Snowden NSA revelations, among many other transgressions - combined by Netflix's streaming of new JFK conspiracy documentaries piqued my interest again about one of the two biggest (alleged) government coverups during the twentieth century (The other being Pearl Harbor).

"Dark Legacy" alleged George H.W. Bush's involvement in the Kennedy Assassination in ways that I forgot, because I did not find them that compelling. But it was intriguing that Bush appeared to be a CIA operative in the 1960s, even though he later claimed that before becoming CIA director that he had never been "employed" by the CIA. Combine that revelation with the truth about Obama's mom's CIA connections and you've got a regular old Illuminati-like cabal. But I digress, again ... and I don't even think I finished that documentary. Was it too implausible to digest?

 So finally, through Netflix's see-into-your-soul-and-know-what-you-want-next algorithm, I ended up watching "JFK: The Smoking Gun."

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