Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Plausible JFK Theory? Part 1

I finished watching "JFK: The Smoking Gun" yesterday. It presents a compelling theory explaining the inconsistencies in the official Warren Commission story and counters some of what is generally accepted among conspiracy theorists.

I found some of the information about frangible ammo a little misleading, but I do not believe that those "errors" give sufficient grounds to negate this "new" theory.

If I only had this movie as a reference for the theory it presents, then I would find the theory to be even more plausible than those theories that focus on the "grassy knoll," LBJ, George H.W. Bush, etc.

Though the theory presented in this movie does not seem to have gotten a lot of press (or I have been living under a rock without MSM), I feel that it is worth looking further into, especially since it points to a growing problem that we have in our country, in a round-about way.

The documentary is currently available on Netflix.


 Next in Series: Plausible JFK Theory? Part 2

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