Monday, March 3, 2014

Top Ten Civilian Defense Arms ... Of All Time, Part 1.1

Everyone has the right and responsibility to defend themselves and their community. A civilian-defense arm is the bedrock of that defense, a "badge of office," and a deterrent to those who want to violate the other rights of the individual.

But what is a "civilian defense arm?" Or is it "civil defense arm?" First, let's look at the use of civilians for a common defense looks like in modern America.

In the USA, there is an impulse and tradition to keep the populace armed with civilian weapons, to keep civilians trained in martial skills, and to call up civilians for a common defense. Also, the origin of the militia and continuous martial preparedness did not spring spontaneously into existence in the North American colonies of the British Empire, and the right to civilian arms ownership was not invented by the 1791 Bill of Rights.

The call up of true civilians has largely been relegated to informal non-state, self-defense actions, such as neighborhood watches during national disasters. State Guards (not to be confused with National Guards) cannot be called into national service and the members can refuse orders without punitive action outside of dismissal, but they are not exactly the same as the unorganized militia mentioned in the U.S. Code. On the flipside, even though most states have ignored using the militia, several states have forbade militias from practicing outside of direct state control or marksmanship activities (which so protected within the U.S. Code).

The NRA was formed by former Civil War officers out of concern for maintaining marksmanship skills.

Based on the U.S. Code for unorganized militia, should the USA be required to supply arms to all adults and ammo at least at cost?

A Preliminary List:
In no particular order.
.22 Anything
12-gauge Shotgun

Honorable Mention:
Kentucky Rifle

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