Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The 9mm Revolver Predicament, Part 1

My first service-caliber handgun was a revolver. I went with advice, probably from a Guns & Ammo article, that if you are treating a handgun as a fire extinguisher (student of the gun take on this) that you should probably go with a revolver. Though everyone is now screaming Glock, striker fired, and long double action, back then a semi auto still meant levers etc. At the time, I was planning to carry the gun on my hip.

I finally did end up with a semi auto, but with double action and manual safety/decocker. Not surprising, since my first autoloader had all that stuff, too. But I have become enamored with pocket carry, and my current service-caliber semi auto is too big for pocket carry, though I have done that before. If I were to jump feet first I would have just sprung for a Glock G26 and called it a day, and especially after an article in a handgun annual that stated that compact 9mms beat snubnose .357s in the muzzle energy department.

But then the "buts:"
But (1) semi autos don't like pocket lint (And revolvers do?).
But (2) I'd like a long double-action trigger to make drawing from a pocket safer (OK.).
But (3) a G26 is a chunk of a gun to stick in your pocket - weight and size wise (I can fit my Ruger P95 in most of my front pockets - really).
But (4) does muzzle energy really matter that much? Am I splitting hairs?
I think that's enough.

To Be Continued ...

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