Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gear versus Practice

I've come to the realization that I focus way too much of my time on gear, and realistically 5% of my time on training, tactics, and mindset - which is ludicrous!

I started to get a clue - though I had heard something that laid it out for me  by the likes of Bob Mayne for a couple years - I started to get a clue, when I saw a video by someone like Max Michel, where he was talking about how to hold a pistol. One hand is pushing/pulling and the other is squeezing, or something like that (Really need to find that video). So I was thinking about practice my grip and stance. Then my wife said we should go to the range this coming weekend (Need to find that gift certificate). Then I saw a video by James Yeager, where he mentioned his "hierarchy of survival:" mindset, tactics, skill, gear. Also, I've been working on an article about prepping.

So I started dry firing everyday, and already I feel more comfortable with my pistol.

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