Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fill In For The Government

I told my kids today: "We're going to start homeschooling you today - to fill in for what the government is not doing." Schools are closed two straight days for snow one day and possible ice patches on side streets, where the school buses must venture, for the second day. The second day is just ridiculous, because the ice patches are few and far between.

The liberal [statist] mantra goes something like this: What private industry cannot accomplish government will step in and provide. But of course, a bold statement like that is doublespeak. What it really means is: What government cannot accomplish government will blame private industry for the failure and hobble the free market even more.

We have been lulled into the uncomfortable but suffocating embrace of government. Though most libertarians and conservatives deride one of Hillary Clinton's favorite (sic) proverbs: "It takes a village [central government] to raise a child," we have all been along for the ride.

How about this: What private industry cannot accomplish an entrepreneur will step up to the challenge, create a method or product that fulfills the want or need, and others in private industry will quickly copy or imitate the innovator and accomplishment new great and not-so-great things.

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