Friday, August 24, 2012

7.62x25 and Guns You're Embarrassed to Like

Doc Wesson and Average Joe recently discussed a couple things on The Gun Nation Podcast that struck a cord with me. Check out 5-09-2012::Show No.46 - You Wanna Take A Tok?
Just like Average Joe, I am enamored with the 7.62x25. I should have bought a TT-33 back when they were about a $100, or a CZ52 when they were $150. I'd also like to see a modern pistol offered in the round, besides the Wise Lite Sterling (which appears to have been discontinued).

What gun am I embarrassed to like? From what I own, I'd say my "commercial" SKS and my Ruger P95. The SKS was $89 wholesale when I got it years ago and it was the poor man's deer rifle in my part of the country. But on the flipside, it is more of a rifle than an AK (whatever that means), it shoots a .30 cal, and it's got that evil spike bayonet. The Ruger P95 came at the end of the wondernine era. It post-dated the revolutionary Glock 17, but it has true pre-Glock double-action technology, and it is reasonably hard to find accessories for it. But it's built like a tank (so I've heard, except periodic bent extractor problems), fun to shoot with a grip sleeve, and a great quality value for an entry-level service pistol - if you have to buy new. 

Don't get me wrong. I really like owning those two guns. They are very good tools. But every tool has its limits, and sometimes it makes sense to follow what even the gun writers who hide it know: a snubnose .38  is the greatest fallback, pocket carry, warm weather, at-least-I-have-an-effective-weapon gun. And despite the resent popularity of S&W's M&P and the less-recent popularity of the Springfield XD, the resurgence of the 1911, and the often stated wisdom that no one size fits all in the gun press, Glocks are the ubiquitous, reliable, durable tools that have proven themselves worth owning. 

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