Sunday, December 23, 2012

Property Rights Individual or Collective?

From a Facebook discussion based on an image share.

I'll have to update, because this can't be the end.

Libertarian Party 12/23/12

Anonymous: Very big difference between a homeowner and school staff--very, Very big difference.

CR Cobb: Castle doctrine vs self defense. Well, not really versus, because they are complimentary. It falls to a question of property rights, and the state owns the facility, then you are at a dilemma. Do your property rights originate with security in your person? Yes, if you are an individualist. No, if you are a collectivist.

Yes, different either way, but the "gun free zone" concept is dead. And in the end, should the teachers have had the opportunity to effectively exercise their right to self defense?

UPDATE 12/30/12: Opponent abandoned the field. Argument won. Job done.

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