Saturday, December 22, 2012

Guest Post: Defending The NRA

The NRA purposely delayed commenting on the Sandy Hook murders to allow time for those affected to begin the grieving process. I also suspect that they hoped cooler heads would prevail, so that their solution could receive a fairer "hearing."

One week still seems a little quick? Well they wanted to get their proposal out there, before schools start back after the holidays. They asked Congress to immediately fund placing an armed police officer in every school - as a stop gap measure, until further solutions can be explored.  

That is a great short-term solution.

Like LaPierre stated, the NRA has extensive experience in firearms training of military personal, police and security, homeowners, concealed-weapon carriers, hunters, etc. That expertise can be used to train retired police, military, and retired and current EMTs and firefighters to provide armed security in schools.
That is a great mid-term solution

What LaPierre did not immediate propose was eliminating "gun-free zones." But he did criticize them for provided environments that allow "maximum mayhem at minimum cost."
Allowing citizens to exercise their right to self-defense in "(legally-owned)-gun free zones" would be a great long-term solution.

The concept of "gun-free zones" is a fantasy. Really. Not only do "gun-free zones" give a false sense of security, but they actually add to a lack of security. Banning semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines (AKA "assault rifles," modern rifles) would add another layer to a false sense of security.

I logically assume that most parents are concerned with the immediate safety of their children. Some want the NRA to focus on the families. But don't you want someone to focus on your family? The safety of your kids? Real solutions instead of fantasies?

- Marie Sinclair

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