Thursday, October 11, 2012

Looking for a DAO Auto (Seriously!). Found SIG P250, Again.

The single-action on my Ruger P95 is troublesome. Since, even with a Bell grip sleeve, I still have trouble maintaining my grip, especially, I've recently realized, when my pistol goes single action. Well, I've considered a stronger spring, but I don't know if it would just destroy the feel of the double-action trigger. I like a double-action trigger, for carry, and I can deal with the transition if it doesn't affect my grip. And holding my finger on the trigger shouldn't be part of my grip.

Well, I'm not giving up on the P95 - just interested in alternatives.

And why not have a consistent trigger? Almost all striker-fired pistols have them, so why not one of them? Well, I still like having a pistol sitting in a holster with a long trigger pull, since I don't want to depend on a safety. Like Gaston Glock found through research, safeties cause accidental discharges, because the user has to know what condition the gun is in - cocked, decocked, on safe (Glock: The Rise of America's Gun, Paul M. Barrett). Well, I'm back to wanting a long trigger for carry. Revolvers are great for that, but I like semi autos too, so ...

Used to, there seemed to be more choices for real DAOs. Ruger made a DAO P95. Some say it was done just as special order items for government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Prisons, but I don't remember it that way. And there were Smith & Wessons. They seemed to be a compromise in the transition from revolvers to semi autos for police departments; a transition that was largely trumped by the entrance of Glock into the U.S. police-weapons market.

I'm interested in Kahrs - might end up with a CW9 or CW40 - but they are not true DAOs. Movement of the slide initiates the cocking of the striker, and pulling trigger finishes the cocking. That is something that, if I am correct, Glock does too, but with a single-action like trigger feel.

So, where are the true DAO autos, now? Beretta makes the Nano. And SIG makes DAK (short-reset, double-action) pistols. I'm interested in the Nano.

Nano -
CW40 -

But there is something about the SIG P250. Maybe it's that modular thing, which the Nano has too, but the P250 seems to have more of it. "Gun Review: SIG SAUER P250 9mm 2SUM" on
And this a great review of the SIG P250 from a confessed SIG fan.

So what does this all come from and lead to?
Well, I already was interested in the P250 SUM2 truly modular concept. But now I'm interested in the plain old true DAO trigger, where that was a deal breaker in the past.

Also, in a round about way, the search for info about the SIG P250 led me to the Gun Guys Radio podcast - a truly listen-worthy podcast. And it gave a me a chance to put a smile on someones face. If you want to find out how, then listen at 1:12:55 of their 031 GGR – Cowboy Up! with Evil Roy & Randi Rogers episode.

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