Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cheap Gats: Evaluation, Taurus 22PLY

The Taurus PT-22 Poly (22PLY)  is a small, lightweight .22 LR pistol. It holds 8+1 rounds, has a hand-filling grip for its size, and is relatively cheap.

1. Low Price? I surveyed 5 gun stores, distributors, and metasites online for the price of this weapon online on December 14th of this year. They were Buds Gunshop, Impact Guns, Gallery of Guns, Hyatt Guns, and Grab A GunBecause Galley of Guns (Davidson's website) features prices from gun stores all over the country, I selected the lowest price in my area. The average was $226. That is 13% above the maximum allowable price - for this exercise.

2. New Production? This gun is currently being produced in the United States.

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