Saturday, April 26, 2014

Government Profiteering

Fascism, crony capitalism, statism, socialism, communism - all terms that in someway describe our current state of affairs in our country, but they are each in someway incomplete. "Government profiteering" - or "state profiteering" - seem to be a better fit.

I've favoring "crony capitalism"and "fascism" (and less inflammatorally, "statism") as the terms to describe our current political system, but one falsely indicts capitalism by default, the second is too inflammatory, and the third is just gaining traction.

"State profiteering" seems to be the most correct term. But in our country, people confuse the individual states with the federal state, when one refers to "the state." It would be an easier sell, if "statism" was part of term, and maybe it should be. But for now, lets explore "government profiteering."

When you hear "government profiteering, " you might think of corporations profiteering from preferential taxation schemes, sweetheart contracts, favorable regulations,  or protectionist tariffs. But what led me to the term was recent news about Harry Reid, cattle, a Chinese solar-energy company, and the BLM. There are questions about where he got his money. Is Reid a "government profiteer?" So, this could be a term that can cover the abuses of those inside AND outside the government to turn a profit.

And in point of fact, "cronycapitalism" could cover the illegitimate behavior of elected officials and bureaucrats. But again, that's bad for capitalism and its promotion. Then again, "profiteering" in this new term might be bad for the promoting of making a profit and the free market and capitalism.

So, maybe something with "corruption" would be better.  The "corruption state?" "Corruptionism? " "Centralized corruption?"

How about: Take back the language.

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