Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Technocrat Myth

There was a collective myth during the '50s, and late '40s, at least among the Hollywood B-movie power "elite," that scientists should rule - or at least save - the world.

Well, it didn't actually turn out that way. It seems more like the technocrats have taken over. We have the rank-and-file bureaucrats. And all those damn Congress members that appear to be mostly brief-writing and gobbledygook-reading lawyers. They all fall to the feet of the "professional" and banking technocrats, and the occasional real-hard scientist, who are practicing their narrow areas of expertise, that the ignorant faithful see as their guiding light in the messy journey of life.

Technocrats place an artificial screen of "knowledge" over what is truly ruled by natural rights. YOU are the ruler of your life - more so than any technocrat - bound by the tenuous string that holds us here in this existence.

No bureaucrat, technocrat, statute maker, or self-important judge holds the high ground over your principles or morals.

Update (12/13/13)

So is my assertion factual about the deference of judgement to scientists and technocrats? More on that later.

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