Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Free Market Stops Statism

The more big government and megacorporations push their statist ("liberal") agenda, the more the free market will step in and provide what people want and need to live free lives.

Case in point, credit-card processing companies and banks are dropping gun retailers and manufacturers like cheap dates.  Now there is McMillan Market Solutions, an alternative to (short term) loan and credit processing services "that will never turn [gun companies] down for political reasons."

This is a great thing from an anarcho capitalist position, because we believe that giant corporations couldn't exist in a truely free market without government largesse (with strings)  and protection.

This is an epic battle between the megacorps and the freemarketers. The more the likes of Walmart and Kmart depend on the government to subsidized their anticompetitive pricing by using socialized services to pay their employees' healthcare coverage needs (Medicaid), the stronger AND weaker they will be. The more the megabanks carry-out statutory (but naturally illegal) government policies while getting bailed out by big government, the stronger AND weaker they will be. What a paradox.

But again, the free market can fill the gaps that big government and megacorps create - or ignore.

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