Saturday, September 14, 2013

USA Ripe for Denazification?

Bear with me.

In no way do I see the current state of the United States as an analog for Nazi Germany, so bear with me.

But the United States does have a political system, that has as part of its core, a strong propaganda machine (MSM and Federal govt produced documents, media, and advertising) and a cadre of (party) members, but bear with me.

Denazification was a system put into place by the victorious allies after World War II to remove Nazi's from positions of influence, rehabilitate and punish former Nazi administration members, Nazi Party members, war profiteers, etc., and rehabilitate the entire population through censorship and education in democracy.

So what's the point?

Obama and our politically system have been labeled nazis, communists, fascists, and statists often in the alternative media. There is an assumption that there is something totalitarian about our current government. So where does denazification play into the current state of the country? We have a presumption within and without government institutions that the central state has the authority and right to determine what is best for individuals, businesses, communities, states, and foreign countries. That belief is pervasive and runs counter to the belief that was central to the founding of this country's original independent government - natural law (classical liberalism). We can call the current political system statist, though our system is officially known as representative democracy. The pervasiveness of statism within our culture might need a strong response that is multifaceted - a destatification program.

As Michael Bolton likes to say, the Federal government is powerless without the help of state and local governments - and individuals. That's another story, when it comes to local and state governments. That's another reason that a multifaceted destatification program is needed to restore classical liberalism, natural law, and to carry forth the promise of libertarianism, anarcho capitalism, anarchism, and voluntaryism.

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