Friday, August 16, 2013

Fukushima Ineptitude, Coverup Act Of War?

The case could be made that the Japanese government's handling of the Fukushima disaster could be considered an act of war. Whether by ineptitude, nationalism, neglect, or malice, the damage, though meted out through prolonged suffering, could kill ten times the 9/11 benchmark.

The above is a recollection based on snippets of news stories. But if it is 70% true, then Japan could be on its way to isolating itself from its "natural" ally, while tensions grow with China, because the contaminated seawater is drifting to California, the leftist coast.

This brings to mind another act of war: the FDA's reassurance to the people of Manhattan that toxic levels were OK, even though they exceeded all previous  FDA standards prior to 9/11.

Again, I am basing these "facts" on a recollection, but I am convinced that they are born out by the facts as the truth.

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