Monday, June 10, 2013

Channeling Obama For Purposes Of Commenting On Our Surveillance State

I have been forced by circumstance and a few small people to address the issue of domestic spying.

I made a campaign promise to not spy on innocent Americans, and to , of course, supply law enforcement with the tools they needed to fight crime and terrorism. That was a promise not an oath, I did not swear to it, I did not place my hand on TWO bibles - one from my intellectual hero and one from a person I was politically bound to honor, and I'll let you figure out who was who - I did not place my hand on two bibles, I did not swear to tell the truth. So once I entered the Oval Office, I had to deal with reality. I made a measured response to what I had to deal with. I weighed your freedoms against my quest for power. I came down on the side of crony statism. If you don't get what I'M getting to, then look it up, there are resources out there, even in public libraries, for a while yet.

And for all you out there who speak of tyranny and that flexible, adaptable, breakable document called the Constitution: You ... Haven't ... Seen ... Nothing ... Yet.

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