Monday, July 16, 2012

Class A people are philosophers. They are interested primarily in ideas, and behave in accordance with intellectually analyzed standards.
Class B people are warriors. They act primarily out of a sense of personal honor, and place it above all other considerations.
Class C people are plutonians. They are interested primarily in money. ...
Class D people are lemmings. ...
Class C people are goblins [now, zombies?] ...
- Jeff Cooper, as quoted in Combat Handguns, August 2008, from the 1992 Volume 12 "Gunsite Gargantuan Gossip"

I guess that we can say that Jeff Cooper is a Class A/B person, being labeled a mythical warrior philosopher. From my scant reading of his writings, I could fairly say that he was really more Class A than Class B, and he was a warrior philosopher - meaning that "warrior" is an adjective and Mr. Cooper was, in essence, a "philosopher" - rather than a philosopher warrior.

And in essence, it is the thinking person that rises above all others. But action should not be undersold.

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