Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time for A New Multi-Tool

   I started carrying my Eddie Bauer multi-tool regularly about a week ago. I had used it off and on over the last few weeks while doing various projects around the yard (e.g. landscape wall building, chicken coop retrofitting, paver setting, and well, just getting the nozel off the end of our new non-ergonomic male fitting on our garden hose). I started carrying it everyday, because: (1) it doesn't weigh that much, (2) it weighs less than my Ruger P95 but as much as a paperweight (I'm trying to prove a point to myself), and (3) who knows when you'll need a set of pliers.
   I received my Eddie Bauer 11-function multi-tool as a stocking stuffer a couple years ago. I probably would have ended up with a Coleman equivalent, but I fell for the the bonus flashlight. The tiny flashlight is convenient, but I never planned on replacing the four costly button cells, which are almost dead.
   One of the grip/accent-pieces disappeared a few months ago, so I was loosing faith in its durability.
   Then I started to use the blades to cut stuff - twine, primarily. Memories of my father-in-law's nerve-damaging accident with his company's promo pocketknife (which I had carried the same model until losing it in a swimming pool) came to mind.
   You saw, the blades do not lock in place or even have any tension that holds them in place, and neither do any of the other tools. The only usable stability is when the multi-tool is in the form of pliers.
   Though it was worth it at about $18, including tools that function adequately, I don't feel comfortable with those blades flapping around. Also, I've pinched my fingers multiple times with the screwdrivers.
   I went to the source - Leatherman - and discovered the Skeletool. I'm this --> || close to ordering one.
UPDATE: I don't have to worry about the blades flapping around anymore, because they fell out. I guess that a little tool maintenance would have prevented that, but I never thought I would have to tightened the screws on a "pocket knife." Lesson learned - even more!

 UPDATE: HOLY CRAP! While on my Independence Day weekend camping trip, all of the other tools fell out of the other side of my multi tool. And that side was tight before I left for the weekend. I'm glad I took my Swiss Army Champion as backup - the original multi tool.

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