Friday, May 27, 2011

The 1000 Round Trigger Job

I've been listening to Bob Mayne's Handgun World podcast lately. He often recommends "a 1000-round trigger job" before fully evaluating or modifying a handgun.
That got me thinking, so I emailed Bob:
I love your phrase "a 1000 round trigger job." When I first got my latest handgun (also my first centerfire semiauto), I really questioned whether I got a lemon in the first 50 rounds. After a good lube, a little research about limp-wristing, and a couple hundred more rounds, I am willing to give the gun a fair shake. And you have inspired me to do the next 700 rounds.

I have read over and over again that concealed-carry holders (and home-defense nuts) need to shoot often. The "1000 round trigger job" is a good way to get started.
So, my grand plans of modifying my P95 are going on the back burner. Well, I'll see - maybe a grip sleeve, or a little grip trim, index pad? Gotta get to the range.

Update (3-15-12): What is a 1000-round trigger job? It is simply firing 1000 rounds through a firearm. Why is it a trigger job?

Two reasons. First, it gives the shooter a chance to get used to the trigger of a firearm. Second, it breaks in the trigger of the firearm. Also, the shooter gets used to the basic operations of the firearm, such as its recoil impulse. Between the shooter becoming accustomed to the firearm, and the firearm's trigger becoming smoother (hopefully) with use, the owner replaces a gunsmithed trigger job with a use-and-familiarization "trigger job."

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