Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Secession and Balkanization

With the recent move to politely request for the government to leave us alone, through the round about process of submitting and signing petitions on the aptly named We the People page on WhiteHouse.gov, it begs the question whether all of this secession talk could lead us down the dangerous road of balkanization.

It is my contention that balkanization - the break up of a state into smaller states - is NOT dangerous. What is dangerous is the reaction to balkanization. The larger state feels threatened and lashes out and tries to retain territory. In the Balkans, the break up of a state was not in itself evil or violent. The most powerful state in the former union of Yugoslavia - Serbia - lashed out.

What is the threatened state in a secessionist bid in the United States? Why, the federal state, of course.

Just remember. In your secessionist bid, support the petitions in your sister states. You have about 34 choices the last time I counted.

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