Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Best Gun For ... ?

The best gun? It's the question that has perplexed the newly initiated to the gun culture - and the old hands - and brings out the crazies and everyone's opinions. It's a tortuous question - that's fun to address. It calls for infinite comparison and analysis. It requires ergonomics, psychology, physics, fortune telling, and so much more. And it's a luxury.

The firearm industry has exploded with options for guns, accessories, parts, and modifications. Users are more sophisticated. Materials have advanced. And laws are getting out of the way.

So. The best gun? Well, it's complicated. And simple. It's a catch-22, because ...

The Short Answer: Whatever gun you are comfortable enough with to use in the way you want to use it.

The Long Answer: Well, it's longer. How to start? Your objectives.

And your objectives change with knowledge, costs, experience, fear, confidence, etc. So to narrow this exercise, we will narrow our focus to one (yeah, right!) application.

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